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Sunny S100              Sunny S201

With the new SUNNY models, Giottiline is again ahead of the times, bringing together all the innovation and painstaking care that have always distinguished it in this new range. The new Sunny range comprises 3 overcab versions, S200 S210 and S211, and a low-profile version, S100, and is the result of extensive 3D design among the most advanced in the sector at European level.

The whole range is fitted on the new FIAT Ducato Special with lowered chassis and widened track and the front bumper painted silver is a standard feature. It is available with either a 130 HP engine or a 160 HP engine.

The distinguishing feature of the range is the double floor, which houses the fresh and drain water tanks (both insulated), a through locker with a height of up to 230 mm opened from both sides, all the water systems, and air and gas lines. Sunny is characterised by an exclusive assembly system which makes it possible to conceal the roof profiling from view due to the patented roof/walls sealed coupling system and give the vehicle considerable dynamic balance. Looking into the details, the Sunny has a structure with sandwich panels (wall and roof thickness 35mm) covered both outside and inside with the new Vitrolight fibreglass and insulation made of Styrosint, to warrant high insulation. The new Vitrolight fibreglass is over 10% thicker than a conventional one, but it weighs less due to innovative production systems. Still outside, the Sunny has quick release ABS fairings that conceal the opening of the through locker under the body, and the same type of rear fairing with built-in 3rd stop light. The entrance door, with standard flyscreen is of the automotive type with double safety closing and it can be fitted with a window. The windows are ultra flat with aluminium frames and warrant top class airiness. Sunny ranks at the top of its class also in the installations, adopting for air/water heating the new combined fuel oil Webasto Dual Top with 4,500 calories that ensures a high level of autonomy also for long stops. Autonomy is also ensured by the very low absorption of the interior electric system, owing to the use of led ceiling lights and neon lighting for the wall units.

The kitchen area is equipped with 4 burners with grill and integrated burner, while the cookertop is made of fibreglass and also incorporates a large-sized sink. There is no lack of a suction hood above the cooking area. The fridge capacity is 150 litres. The washroom has a separate shower with a generously-sized metacrylate door ( cm 90x70 ), fibreglass washbasin, window with flyscreen and skylight, and much available space offered by a floor unit and wall unit with built-in neon light.


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